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An Introduction to Coaching and NLP

This is an actual training in foundation Coaching skills.
When you register you will receive immediate access to pre-recorded video lessons that include demonstrations of Coaching.  

You can join the Trainer in Live Calls for Q&A discussions and to practice Coaching Conversations with other Participants

Are you interested in discovering the difference Coaching skills can make to the quality of your communication or leadership day to day?

Are you curious to learn more about one of the most popular method for personal transformation world-wide, Neuro Linguistic Programming?

This online learning will will give you skills you can use immediately, and the opportunity to see demonstrations and participate in exercises and discussions live.

This training is open to anyone who is curious about Coaching, NLP or both.

What you will discover...

Lesson 1 -  Coaching

  • What is an isn't Coaching
  • The power of deep listening
  • Challenging a disempowered mindset
  • The structure of a coaching session

Lesson 2 -  NLP

  • How do Coaches use NLP
  • What is NLP
  • Where did it come from
  • Creating a compelling goal in an NLP-style coaching conversation

Lesson 3 - Becoming a Coach

  • The opportunities for Coaches across different sectors
  • Navigating the 'jungle' of qualifications

In-Take is happening now for

 next course commencing on Wednesday 10th March

About the Presenter

Grace Minton is the owner operator at The Neuro Coaching Academy and highly respected professional Coach.  Grace coaches in-person in Perth, and online with clients across the Asia Pacific.  

Grace is sought-out as an expert Coach able to help clients achieve changes in the area of mindset and behaviour, through working in the 'inner game'.  The 'inner game' in coaching is understood to be the fear, self-doubt, lapses in focus, and limiting concepts or assumptions that prevent people from achieving their potential.

Grace is a qualified NLP Trainer, having trained more than 17 NLP courses.  Grace holds post-graduate qualifications in Coaching and Human Resource Development.

Grace’s coaching graduates work in executive and leadership coaching, as well as niching with public audiences.

As a Consultant Grace has over 20 years experience in helping blue chip clients, organisations and individuals achieve success. 

Above all, Grace is committed to developing world class coaches who are able to assist people and organisations to achieve tangible goals.

About the Neuro Coaching Academy

The Neuro Coaching Academy are proud to be the only provider of the practical units of the Master of Arts Neuro Coaching in Australia, issued by the University of Wales and Neuro Minds Ltd in the UK. This qualification allows our coaching and NLP students to attain a post graduate qualification in Coaching.  

What our Graduates say

I used to get great results with my coaching processes. Now, I get astounding and life-changing results that go WAY beyond the realm of basic skill and knowledge improvement. Would I recommend this course to anyone who wants to BECOME a coach – YES! Would I recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a BETTER coach – ABSOLUTELY!

Fran Berry

The word I have used most to explain this training to people is that it has ‘expanded me’ – in my knowledge, in my skills and also my understanding of myself, my abilities and my confidence to work as a coach. I now work with 18 paying clients.

Fleur Greive

One of the best trainers I have had - supreme knowledge of the content, so passionate about what she does and the training she delivers


I attended this program to develop and learn skills to realise my dream of being a coach. I now know what I didn’t know! I’ve learnt so many valuable tools and techniques that will allow me to create transformational experiences for others. And as a result I am ready to step-up to my coaching practice!

Jo Lucarelli

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