The Master of Arts Neuro Coaching

A qualification that opens doors

A Postgraduate Qualification issued by the University of Wales in alliance with NeuroMinds Europe

Graduation at Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and Master of Arts by research levels


Stand out from the crowd with a Post Graduate Qualification
 in Coaching 

Students experience a unique combination of:
  • in-person or live online practical trainings that offer real skills and  personal development experiences 
  • development of critical thinking and research skills via written assignments
  • learning that allows you to stand out in a global market place of Coaches  

You no longer need to choose between transformational in-person experiences, academic recognition, or accreditation with the International Coaching Federation.  We offer all three.  

Successful students gain a Postgraduate qualification in Neuro Coaching from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David  in alliance with NeuroMinds Europe.  This qualification incorporates accredited qualifications with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the NLP Association of Australia as modules.

This program allows you to graduate at Postgraduate Certificate level with the ability to  to  join the ICF (at ACC or PCC level recognition of training), or go on to the Postgraduate Diploma and design your own coaching-based research project.  Should you continue, you can use this project as the basis for completing a  Master of Arts by research. 

MA Neuro Coaching

How does a post graduate qualification compare to other types of qualifications?

University qualifications, (including those issued by overseas organisations) sit above 'vocational qualifications' (Certificates, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas) in the Australian education system. In the past, a Post Graduate qualification was only available to people who had already completed an undergradute degree of some kind. Now, under Open University provisions, it is possible to apply for adult entrance directly to a postgraduate qualification.  

In the hierarchy of recognition; high school, vocational and then university qualifications are valued in this order and within the university, the post graduate qualification is more highly valued than a degree qualification.  Under education treaties between Australia and the United Kingdom, UK qualifications are fully recognised (given equivalent value).  This is why a post graduate qualification in coaching will help you stand out from the crowd and open doors for coaching at a senior level, speaking about your passion, and more.

Modules of Study

The Postgraduate Certificate can be achieved with  two of the following practical courses acting as modules, plus additional written work (a  4,500 word paper per module):

  • Professional Coaching Skills (ACSTH ICF course), includes accreditation in a psychometric instrument (the iWAM).  
  • Higher Professional Coaching Skills (making up ACTP ICF courses), includes accreditation in a psychometric instrument (the Extended DISC)
  • Neuro Coaching Practitioner  - an NLP Practitioner Program that teaches NLP as an advanced coaching methodology, and includes up to date content on applied neuroscience
  • Neuro Coaching Master Practitioner  -  an NLP Master Practitioner Program that teaches NLP as an advanced coaching methodology, includes applied neuroscience and mentoring on your practice of NLP within the coaching context

The Postgraduate Diploma requires 3 of the above courses as modules, plus an additional module:

This module aims to equip students with an understanding of the processes and ways in which knowledge is developed, understood, and applied. As such the module initially focuses on the social and (social) scientific construction of knowledge from an ontological and epistemological perspective.  The module then focuses on methodological issues of a more applied nature in terms of different types of ‘research’, selection of research ‘problems’ and construction of aims, and fundamental methodological strategies such as qualitative versus quantitative data, deduction versus induction etc.  The evaluation of a range of research techniques and development of research skills in terms of data collection and analysis and the management of a research project are the final elements of the module.

Master of Arts Level

There is no better way to establish yourself as an expert on a topic than to conduct original research.   If you are passionate about taking your professional development to the next level with public speaking and publication, or pursuing 'thought leadership' in a coaching based professional practice,  the MA Research year offers the opportunity to design and conduct your own research project.  For those working within the organisational context the work based research project is an opportunity to carry out an in-depth investigation of a management problem, or issue.  

Students are required to:

  • Submit a research proposal
  • Carry out the research project from the prepared proposal
  • Produce a written report of a high professional standard that is 14,400 words
  • Present for 24 minutes.

Research projects provide the opportunity to use and enhance the knowledge and intellectual skills gained during the course and  to develop further expertise in areas studied, such as:

  • Neurolinguistics
  • Applied Neuroscience
  • Social Psychology
  • Creative Coaching
  • Modelling Excellence
  • Positive Psychology
Executive Coaching

Entrance Requirements and Advanced Standing

Students will normally be expected to have an appropriate undergraduate degree or equivalent qualification, a professional qualification of equal standing or a substantive portfolio of work experience at an appropriate level.  

Adult entrance under 'Open University' provisions in the UK allow for mature age entrance without an undergraduate degree, subject to an application form and successful interview with the course team.  

It is possible to apply for 'Advanced Standing' (recognition of prior learning) within the field. This should be discussed before making an application to join the program.


The dedicated team at Neuro Minds Ltd will be available to support you throughout your MA. You will be allocated a supervisor who will read drafts of your assignments and give you feedback. Your Trainer at The  Neuro Coaching Academy will have existing experience writing and researching at an academic level, and you will also be connected with others students studying for the same degree so you can help and support each other. You will be expected to participate in action learning sets and reflect on feedback from your peers.

Because we keep cohort numbers small, we know all our students by name and are able to provide the right advice for you as an individual. Support on this programme is only an e-mail, or phone call away.

About the University 

The University of Wales Trinity Saint David is a fully accredited British University working in alliance with NeuroMinds Europe.   The course itself sits inside of an 'Academy for Professional Practice and Applied Research' and is one of many Work-Based Learning qualifications offered by the University.  The Neuro Coaching Academy is working in Alliance with NeuroMinds Europe as the partner for the delivery of in-person practical modules in Australia.

This means that your qualification is delivered by trainers with real life professional experience. It also means that the difficulties of fitting lectures around a busy lifestyle are understood. The work-based programme is intended to offer more flexible ways of studying.  Central to the vision is the promotion and embedding of a dual-sector educational system which educates learners of all ages and backgrounds.

The UWTSD ranked 1st in the UK for Course and Lecturers in the 'What Uni?' Student Choice Awards 2019.

The University has its own coaching MA and Coaching Conference, this means that there is a significant online library on Coaching available to all students to support the written work of the program.  Importantly, it also means that  MA graduates can continue to the Doctorate level if they wish.

No matter where you have studied your in-person practical units students can attend full graduation at the University.

The MA Neuro Coaching exists in a portfolio which has a finger on the pulse of international organisations. This is a course for students with professional experience who want to study in an environment that respects and understands organisations.

About NeuroMinds and the Faculty

This is a partnership programme. It was designed and developed by Dr Sally Vanson and is delivered by key personnel at Neuro Minds Ltd in alliance with the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.   All module leaders have post graduate qualifications (several have Doctorates) and are specialists in the world of coaching and associated psychologies. They are all practising professional coaches. 

Neuro Minds Ltd is one of a few organisations in the world to have multiple international accreditations and awards for its programmes, thus offering students the opportunity to gain professional as well as academic qualifications.

Neuro Minds Ltd is renowned for its ethical and international approach and supportive environment.  Module leaders from Neuro Minds Ltd sit on international regulatory and accreditation committees for several professional organisations, working at the leading edge of their professions.

Graduates from this MA will be supported to continue onto Doctorate Studies if that is their intent and further details will be available during the programme. Ongoing professional coach supervision is also available online, thus meeting the needs of our international clients and the codes of practice of our professional associations.

The program currently has practical units available in-person in  UK, Ireland, Australia and United Arab Emirates. 

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Intake for the MA is aligned with the European University Calendar and happens each year in March.  If you wish to commence between intakes it is possible to undertake some practical units and then have your progress recognised via the Advanced Standing process.  This means that you undertake the academic work at a later date, but can join the next available practical unit locally.

People from all over the world are able to join us online

Schedule a 30 min phone meeting to learn more

Delivery during the Covid19 period in Australia

Unfortunately, the practical units are only being delivered face to face in Perth while the WA border is closed.  When travel interstate opens up dates for in-person trainings will be set in an east coast location.  In the meantime, please connect with us to express an interest in attending the practical training online, or going on the waitlist for the in-person training on the east coast.  We work with participants of the program to find options.

Sponsoring an Internal Program for your People

If you would like to develop internal coaching capability in your organisation and use professional development opportunities to attract and retain talent, nothing will compare to providing a Post Graduate Certificate Neuro Coaching.   We can work with you to schedule an in-person or on-line delivery of a program that is both an amazing professional and personal development experience.   The internal program can help to build lasting positive relationships within a cohort of your people.   

In-person, or online delivery can be arranged exclusively for your group.  Content over and above the foundation ICF-recognised content can be added to tailor the program to the needs of your organisation for internal coaching capability.

For example, should you wish more experienced coaches to offer Supervision to new Coaches internally, we are able to work with people who have an existing qualification and experience with content that focusses on Mentoring and Supervision in Coaching.  These people can graduate with  ICF-recognised hours that will also contribute to their own Post Graduate Certificate.

Alongside coaching skills, your people will develop critical thinking, research and writing skills that other coaching courses do not offer.

Ultimately, individuals who go to Masters Level can conduct their project in the workplace, delivering research that can progress organisational objectives in your people strategy.

Talk to us about the minimum numbers required for an internal delivery of the the practical units and the price structure we offer when you fill the room with your people.

NOTE: If you are considering a $25K 'Masters of Life Coaching'

Please be aware that only a university is able to issue a true 'Masters' qualification, which is a  Master of Arts, or MA.

There are training providers in Australia who charge equivalent for courses that are not recognised by the International Coaching Federation, or even as a vocational qualification.  Even though they use the words 'Certificate', 'Diploma' and 'Advanced Diploma' or 'Masters' for different levels of training, they are essentially offering 'certificates of attendance' if they are not a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), or connected to a University.    Please be aware that the word 'Masters' in that context is not the same as a Master of Arts.