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Would you like to take your most talented people and just replicate their talent?

Well now you can!

We will discover the difference that makes the difference in how they think, and
what motivates them.  

Based on this you will be able to:

  • Recruit people who already have what it takes on the inside
  • Train your team leaders in understanding how to motivate them, to help them bring their best to the role
  • Design training that helps to transfer the 'unconscious competence' of your best people,  to your existing employees

Imagine the time and money you will save when you can match people to work that they enjoy?  Turnover and performance management effort massively decrease and 'employee engagement' increases, and with it, your bottom line.


Find the difference that makes the difference and use it at every opportunity:

  • Discover the unconscious filters and motivators that contribute to high performance in the key roles that you depend on
  • Attract candidates based on a match to these unconscious motivators
  • Select people based on a fit between their motivations and the work they find most satisfying
  • Have leaders who can connect to the motivations of new team members from day one on the job.

At the Complimentary Individual Consultation, explore if the key roles in your organisation can be modelled

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