Level 1

Foundations of Coaching


This Online Coaching Course is designed for people to learn core skills of coaching to integrate into their work. It is delivered 100% live online and incorporates live demonstrations, working in pairs and triads and 3 hours of Observation and Feedback for every participant.

Should you decide to Coach professionally in future, this time can count towards a full qualification

Level 1: Foundations of Coaching

This training will allow you to develop some of the foundation skills of a Coach.
It includes 16.5 hours of live online learning, demonstrations, practice in triads and feedback from peers, as well individual feedback from your Coach Trainer as you practice coaching live with a peer.
The Foundations of Coaching Course is intended to help get you started on the pathway of learning coaching, with the option to build on the training at a later date, without needing to repeat.  This course is perfect for people who wish to gain some skills in coaching, but do not intend to practice professionally as a Coach.

Many people have discovered that coaching skills are important now for leadership and that many coaching skills translate into powerful communication and interpersonal skills.

What will you learn?

  • Definitions of Coaching, including differences between Coaching and Consulting, Mentoring and Therapy.
  • The ICF Coach Competencies, the world standard for defining what it is that Coaches actually do
  • Ethics and contracting, including complex contracting within organisations
  • Boundaries in the coaching partnership
  • Powerful listening that will transform your communication
  • The core concept of accountability that is key to empowering others
  • Powerful questioning and challenge, based on an understanding that it is often internal mental models are the fundamental barriers to reaching our potential
  • The structure of a coaching conversation, including the  GROW model and the Present to Desired State model.

What does this program involve?

  • 16.5 hours of live lessons online, including demonstrations and practice in triads.
  • 3 x 1 hr of online Observation and Feedback with your Trainer

This course is the first module in our full Coaching Qualification.  Participants who attend this course will be completing it as a stand-alone training and will receive a certificate of attendance that states that they have received 14 hours of training mapped to the ICF Core Competencies.   This may be utilised (along with an additional 46 hours) in a portfolio application for membership with the ICF. 

If you wish to pursue a full Coach training, please view Level 2 Qualification.  The Foundations is the very beginning of an ACTP pathway, the highest level of recognition for a coaching qualification with the ICF.  

    Our Coaching Qualifications are ICF Accredited and issued by The Performance Solution, UK.This course is the first module in a program that is delivered under alliance.    On the ICF website, search for The Performance Solution, ‘Professional Coaching Skills’ Qualification.  14 hours of this training can be recognised if you choose to continue on, or return to study a higher coaching qualification with us at a later date.

Register your interest in this program and receive our information pack by email. Leave your contact details if you would like to speak to the program Trainer.

Program Dates

Dates for the next program

Full Training Days Online on​We are currently taking registrations for an online program, which will be delivered live to suit participants in AEST.Classes will be broken up into 12 x 4 hour blocks.Scheduling will be arranged in consultation with a waitlist.Observation and FeedbackParticipants will schedule to meet in pairs topractice coaching skills from the course and receive feedback from the Trainer live.These can be scheduled flexibly.You can expect to complete the program over 6 weeks.


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We have a maximum of 12 people per Trainer on the Program   

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About the Trainer

Grace Minton is a PCC level Coach, with a Post Graduate qualification in Coaching. Grace also has an ICF Accredited Diploma of Coach Supervision and a BA Communications and Grad Dip Human Resource Development.

Grace is a Faculty member of the University of Wales Academy for Professional Practice and Applied Research, delivering practical units in a globally recognised qualification in Neuro Coaching. Grace is also a registered Coach Mentor with the ICF.

Grace has coached professionally in both the leadership/executive and personal spaces for 16 years and is the owner of The Neuro Coaching Academy.

Within organisations, Grace has experienced coaching leaders at every level. Grace also has experience coaching cross-culturally, working with Indigenous leaders, and coaches leaders throughout the Asia Pacific online.

Grace has 19 years experience working in the fields of Human Resources and Organisational Development.

Support after you Graduate…

The Online Coaching Practice Group

Many people find it hard to ever see a demonstration of coaching again after graduating from their Coaching course.  We offer Graduates a FREE ONGOING ACCESS to an Online Coaching Practice Group that meets monthly on a weekday evening. Here you can observe a coaching session against the ICF competencies, exchange coaching with others and provide and receive feedback from peers, based on the ICF Competencies.  Importantly, you are able to have ongoing contact with your Trainer to ask the questions that arise once you are ‘out there’ putting what you have learnt into practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the class and mentoring groups?

Our trainings have a 12 Participants to 1 Trainer Ratio to ensure quality of supervision.  Students are connected outside of lesson time on a FaceBook group for their class.

How long does it take to complete the course?

The course can be completed in 3 weeks, dependent on others in your class group being available to do practice in pairs between the lessons.   The maximum time will be 6 weeks, dependent on other participants being willing to work with you in a pair over a longer time period.

What is the time commitment?

  • 16.5 hours live group lessons that include demonstrations and practice 
  • 3 hours in online practice in a pair, with your Trainer acting as observer.  These sessions are practicing specific processes and tools that you will have learnt
  • Additional time practicing your coaching skills is recommended (the more the better)

There is no written work

Is this course a recognised RTO qualification?

This is the first step in a longer journey towards a recognised qualification with the International Coach Federation only.  The ICF qualification is a more highly sought-after qualification in the coaching field globally than the Australian AQTF system.    This course has been designed to allow people to get started with integrated some core coaching skills into their work, without the investment of time and money required to become a professional coach.  It is intended to allow participants who wish to pursue a full qualification to return at a later date and continue with other modules, without needing to repeat this learning.

How does this course assist me to become a recognised, qualified Coach?

The course is a part of the larger accredited qualification.  The minimum standard for a Coaching Qualification is 60 hours of Coach Specific Training.  This course provides 14 hours towards this total.  If you wish to go on and practice professionally as a coach, joining the ICF and being insured to charge for coaching services, you will need to build on this Foundation with additional hours.  Our Level 2 training will provide the 46 hours of ACSTH training to make up the full 60 hour qualification.

Building on this Course

 We have other courses that you can build on following this course, that will allow you to reach a recognised professional coaching qualification. Some of this training is available online and some is delivered in-person.  It is definitely possible to complete the ICF qualification online.

Register your interest in this program and receive our information pack by email. Leave your contact details if you would like to speak to the program Trainer.