Level 1

Foundations of Coaching


This Online Coaching Course is designed for people to discover Coaching. It incorporates 20 hours of live training that is recognised by the International Coaching Federation (ACSTH).

Should you decide to Coach professionally in future, this time will count towards a full qualification

Level 1: Foundations of Coaching

This training will allow you to discover if Coaching is for you. 
It includes 21 hours of live online learning, demonstrations, practice in triads and feedback. 
These hours are recognised by the International Coach Federation, allowing you to include them in your professional qualification, should you decide to practice professionally as a Coach.

Please note that a minimum of 60 hours of coach-specific training is required to join the International Coaching Federation. The Foundations of Coaching Course is intended to help get you started on this pathway, and is perfect for people who wish to gain some skills in coaching, but do not intend to practice professionally as a Coach.

What will you learn?

  • Definitions of Coaching, including differences between Coaching and Consulting, Mentoring and Therapy.
  • The ICF Coach Competencies, the world standard for defining what it is that Coaches actually do
  • Ethics and contracting, including complex contracting within organisations
  • Boundaries in the coaching partnership
  • Deep listening
  • The core concept of accountability
  • Powerful questioning and challenge
  • The structure of a coaching conversation, including the  GROW model.

What does this program involve?

  • 16 hours of in-person lessons
  • 3 x 2 hrs of online demonstration and practice sessions
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    Our Coaching Qualifications are ICF Accredited and issued by The Performance Solution, UK.
    This program is delivered under alliance.    
    On the ICF website, search for The Performance Solution, 'Professional Coaching Skills' Qualification.

If you wish to pursue a full Coach training, please view Level 2 Qualification.  
The Foundations is the very beginning of NACTP pathway, the highest level of recognition for a coaching qualification with the ICF.

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Program Dates

In-Person Program:

In-Person Class
between 9:00am - 5:00pm WA time.

24 October

25 October

Online Demonstration & Practice Groups

between 7:00pm - 9:00pm WA time.

03 November

17 November

01 December


Only $750 incl GST 

We have a maximum of 14 people per Program   

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Support after you Graduate...

The Online Coaching Practice Group

Many people find it hard to ever see a demonstration of coaching again after graduating from their Coaching course.  We offer Graduates a FREE ONGOING ACCESS to an Online Coaching Practice Group that meets monthly on a weekday evening. Here you can observe a coaching session against the ICF competencies, exchange coaching with others and provide and receive feedback from peers, based on the ICF Competencies.  Importantly, you are able to have ongoing contact with your Trainer to ask the questions that arise once you are 'out there' putting what you have learnt into practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the class and mentoring groups?

How long does it take to complete the course?

What is the time commitment?

Is this course a recognised RTO qualification?

How does this course assist me to become a recognised, qualified Coach?

Taking this Course together with the Neuro Coaching Practitioner (NLP)

 You will gain an additional 16 hours of training (ACSTH hours ) if you do both of these courses, bringing the total to 37 hours of recognised coaching training.  However, that training is only available in-person.  Please see that course information to learn more.

Register your interest in this program and receive our information pack by email. Leave your contact details if you would like to speak to the program Trainer.