Could Coaching help solve Systemic Inequality?

Do you believe that we need to ‘be the change we want to see in the world’? For me, personal development has never only been about ‘feeling happy’. I have always believed that being our ‘best self’ is a journey to be more empowered, and that means being able to make a bigger difference in the […]


Can Neuro Coaching Change Unconscious Bias? Help me find out in 2024!

Are you passionate about making meaningful changes in the workplace and society at large? Do you believe that understanding and altering our unconscious biases can pave the way for a more inclusive world? I’m on a mission to explore this through my Masters research project titled, “Can Neuro Coaching change unconscious bias?” My journey into the […]


Taking a Step Back: Why We Should Appreciate the Holidays More

Taking a Step Back: Why We Should Appreciate the Holidays MoreIt’s no secret that many of us are often so consumed with our daily lives that we forget to take a step back, appreciate the here and now, and recognize the importance of holidays. From taking trips to different countries to simply having more time […]


The Power of Positive Thinking


You’ve probably heard the saying ‘think positive and good things will happen.’ But is there any truth to it? Can simply thinking positively really lead to better things happening in our lives? Let’s explore the science behind positive thinking and whether or not it really can make a difference. The Science of Positive Thinking There’s […]

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