The Power of Positive Thinking


You’ve probably heard the saying ‘think positive and good things will happen.’ But is there any truth to it? Can simply thinking positively really lead to better things happening in our lives? Let’s explore the science behind positive thinking and whether or not it really can make a difference. The Science of Positive Thinking There’s […]


Signs You Need to Change Your Mindset

No change or no chance

No matter how disciplined, no matter how lucky or motivated you may be, your mindset is going to be the main focusing lens on the road to your journey. This is basically your key to achieving success. But do you have a fixed mindset where you believe that your traits are set in stone and […]


How can Coaching help with your life’s purpose?

For many people, their life’s purpose is all about enriching life, creating something meaningful, and serving others. But how can you make those goals a reality?  Coaching is often talked about in terms of ‘achievement of goals’, but it is fundamentally a reflective learning process.  Through action, then reflection, we expand our capability, which is […]


How to Become a Successful Online Coach

With the leap in online meeting skills that came from the Covid pandemic and the discovery of the freedom of working from home, some people have come to also wonder: how can I work for myself online, with clients all over the world? The obvious opportunity that this opens up is the emerging world of the […]


An Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness E-Book

Guide to MeditationMeditation and mindfulness are two practices that have gained a lot of traction in the past decades.  This is due to their innate ability to induce lasting inner changes. Though meditation has been viewed as ‘woo-woo’  in the west for some time, it is based on clear principles and its effects have been described scientifically.In this guide, we are going to explore meditation, […]

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