Do you think we need to know how to change Unconscious Bias, and not just be ‘aware’ of it?

I have always had a belief that social change begins in each of us.  As a teenager I was lucky to experience a unique peer-counselling organisation that combined personal development with both empowerment and allyship. The approach was ahead of its time, offering people a place to learn and process changes to messages that originated in culture and influenced us below our conscious awareness to limit our expectations of others and also of ourselves.   

Unlike the unconscious awareness training that is so popular now in workplaces (and that research has shown does not have any impact on bias), this experience never questioned someone’s own fundamental ‘goodness’ or intentions.  It used an Allyship frame to make it psychologically safe to fill in the missing gaps about other social groups, and challenged us to take action in the world to create new connections. 

Now, with 17 years of professional coaching and 12 years of training coaches under my belt, I'm excited to announce a research initiative that feels like coming full circle. My Masters research project, titled 'Can Neuro Coaching Change Unconscious Bias?' aims to discover if Neuro Coaching can transform unconscious biases without individuals needing to enter into a long and emotional process like therapy. 

With Neuro Coaching, I am proposing to see if an unconscious bias can change through 4 x 1 hr coaching sessions. 

But, I need your help. 

I am calling on professionals, D&I advocates, HR leaders, leaders, managers, and anyone passionate about making a tangible difference in how we perceive, understand, and interact with each other. 

Why participate? 

This is your chance to be part of ground-breaking research that seeks not just to ask important questions but to find actionable answers through the innovative field of Neuro Coaching. Over the next three months, I'll be providing online coaching for FREE that could not only change your perspective but could ripple out to effect real change within our communities and workplaces. 

What bias will we be seeking to change in the research?  

ANY bias that a participant chooses to change, and that can be measured by the Implicit Association test. 

How can you get involved? 

Simply watch a video where I share more about the research and how you can volunteer. This isn't just about participation; it's about taking a step towards becoming the ally you want to be, by addressing and altering the unconscious biases that hold us back. 

Imagine a world where our unconscious biases are not barriers but bridges to understanding and collaboration. This is an opportunity to contribute to this.  

Watch a 12 minute video on how you can be part of this exciting research project, 

or just find out the outcome of the research.

About the Author

I am a qualified Coach (ICF PCC level) with over 17 years of professional experience as a Coach working in both organisational and personal development. I am also a Coach Trainer, the only person able to deliver the practical units of the Master of Arts Neuro Coaching in Australia.