Developing World Class Coaches

Our Coaching Qualifications are Internationally Recognised

The coaching methodologies we teach create real behavioural change for clients

Learn to Coach with Us

Level 1

Foundations of Coaching

This completely online program is a live and interactive introduction to coaching.

Including core skills, application of ethics, the structure of a coaching conversation and more.

See live demonstrations, practice with peers and have all your questions answered.

Level 2

Professional Coaching Certificate

This Coaching Qualification will enable you to work professionally as a Coach.

It provides a pathway to ACC Recognition by the International Coach Federation

Our Business of Coaching E-learning and Mentoring will support you to decide on your niche and build your own coaching practice.

Level 3

Professional Neuro Coaching

A Coaching Qualification that includes a quality NLP Education

This program is designed for people who want to work deeply and make a difference with Coaching. Our promise to you is that your education will be both practical and recognised by the organisations that count.

Our Accreditations and Affiliations

We are licensed to Certify others as qualified Coaches,  mBIT Coaches, and NLP Practitioners by the independent standards bodies above.

The  Professional Coaching Skills  and Higher Professional Coaching Skills courses are ICF Accredited as an ACTP training (the highest training accreditation possible with the ICF) and issued by The Performance Solution, UK.  The Coaching Programs are designed by Dr Sally Vanson, a global leader in the field of coaching.

How are we Different?

  • Maximum 12 students per Trainer in in-person NLP Trainings and 14 for Coaching to ensure quality supervision of practice
  • Minimum 10 Years experience of the Coach Mentors
  • Coaching Trainers  are practicing coaches with commercial coaching experience  in both Executive and Personal markets for Coaching.
  • We offer Graduates a free quarterly Online Coaching Practice Group to provide ongoing support 
  • We include an online program 'The Business of Coaching' at no extra cost. This includes an individual mentoring session on your business model and marketing plan as well as your own Entrepreneur Profile.

What our Graduates Say


Grace has been an incredible trainer and facilitator

I attended The Certificate of Coaching program to develop and learn skills to realise my dream of being a coach! I now know what I didn’t know! I’ve learnt so many valuable tools and techniques that will allow me to create transformational experiences for others. And as a result I am ready to step up to my coaching practice!

The coach training offered by The Inspiration Factory was so much more than I ever expected. Grace has been an incredible trainer and facilitator – so calm and gentle with us all as we learn. I find it so valuable being able to practice each technique as we go, to start embedding them in my unconscious. Doing the course was as an intensive in Bali made all the difference – having such focus and really getting to know the group. We’ve now created a strong support network for each other as we step forward!

Jo Lucarelli

These really are life-changing skills.

My reasons for attending the Program was my desire to help young people become more resilient. During the training, I loved the unique blend of cutting edge scientific theory with ancient wisdom.

As a result, I feel much more confident both as an NLP practitioner, and as someone who can support others on their journey to resilience. These really are life-changing skills.

Carl Grice NLP Practitioner, Coach

This course has provided me with the skill, and confidence to help others

During the program, I gained confidence, compassion, creativity and courage to move forward with my personal goals. As a result, I have grown and will extend my knowledge and will share with others.

This course has provided me with the skill, and confidence to help others. All as a result of an amazing teacher.

Peter Easey

I found clarity and focus in my ability to achieve my goals

I came to the program because I wanted to learn more about NLP, would like to look into life coaching eventually. On the day I experienced new techniques for goal setting and communication. As a result I found clarity and focus in my ability to achieve my goals and opened up another level of awareness with myself. Amazingly My goal has suddenly felt attainable, not unreachable.

Thank you so much Grace! You’re very knowledgeable and warm. Was a pleasure listening to you today.

Jacqui Incognito

Brings clarity and alignment to life's important challenges

My reasons for attending the program is to further integrate my coaching skill techniques.

I had a profound experience.

mBIT brain integration techniques bring clarity and alignment to life's important challenges and your life purpose.

Thank Grace, love your work. Always such a pleasure.

Maria Bernhagen

Grace is such an amazing trainer and coach

Grace is such an amazing trainer and coach. I took two courses with her and one more is coming soon for how much I love learning from her. She brings her role pure passion for the profession and for helping people make the change they want in life, Grace-fully and without judgement, a decade long competence and an unsurpassed integrity.

Sonia Fortuna

The most wonderful presenter

Grace is the most wonderful presenter! Her fun, yet informative approach puts everyone at ease and in the right mental space for learning.

The Resilience NLP training was a fantastic weekend where I learnt many amazing new skills, and gained a new understanding to the way the brain works and stores memories and situations. It was a revelation to me how easily these can be changed to a much more positive feeling and outlook! I'm so glad I took the training, I wish I'd found it years ago.

Thanks to Grace and Richard for the new tools in my kit for life!

Philippa Gillett

It’s for anyone that’s interested in the brain

My reasons for attending the Program was to refine my existing training and assist others move past trauma events.

During the Program, I loved learning the processes as well as hearing the stories and examples used.
As a result I was engaged the whole time. And benefited from the interaction as it built my confidence to replicate these techniques. It’s for anyone that’s interested in the brain, thought processes and the ability to 'rewire' these.

Shae Cooper Wynd NLP Practitioner, Kinesiologist

The most transformative learning opportunity I have had yet.

The most transformative learning opportunity I have had yet. If only I had known this before. Will take this to as many people as possible.

Michelle Hickman Coach

Organisational Clients

The broad range of organisational clients that Grace Minton, our Principal Consultant and Coach has directly delivered training, coaching, speaking, and organisational development services to include:


I have always had a belief that social change begins in each of us.  As a teenager I

Do you think we need to know how to change Unconscious Bias, and not just be ‘aware’ of it?