"Resilience" Articles

What do Psychologists Say Builds Resilience?

The American Psychological Association says research suggests “10 Ways to Build Resilience”, which are: (1) maintain good relationships with close family members, friends and others (2) avoid seeing crises or stressful events as unbearable problems (3) accept circumstances that cannot be changed (4) develop realistic goals and move towards them (5) take decisive actions in […]


NLP’s Most Powerful Tools applied to Resilience

I am excited to be delivering a training event that is used to support people in disaster zones recover from some of life’s hardest experiences.  The training delivers the latest neuroscience and research on Resilience together with tools that help people to process an experience in their brains in the same way that we naturally […]


Resilience: Understanding the 3 Different Responses to Disaster

Resilience from Richard Bolstad

Resilience: Understanding the 3 Different Responses to DisasterBy Richard Bolstad, used with permission Psychologists list the three main types of response to disaster as 1) Resilience. People feel bad for a while, but they still manage to get good sleep, to eat healthily, and to plan successfully. They quickly get back to high level functioning in the […]


The Secret of Resilience

Did you know that in cross-cultural studies, the Anglo-European culture comes up as the least resilient population in the world? One interesting explanation for this (research by Martin Seligman in the field of Positive Psychology) has drawn a link between the emphasis on building high ‘self-esteem’ in recent generations. It seems that where previous generations […]