Professional Neuro Coaching Certificate

A Coaching Qualification that includes a quality NLP Education

Bali, Indonesia

This course incorporates our Level 1 and 2 Trainings.

This Coaching Qualification will enable you to work professionally as a Coach and get real results with your Clients in the area of mindset and behavioural change. You will receive 3 Certificates, including accreditation as an iWAM Consultant

It enables you to master the skills, tools and essence of transformational coaching for changing all aspects of mindset and behaviour.  It will also allow you to join the most recognised independent professional association for Coaches globally.

This  meets the requirements of the International Coach Federation ACC level qualification (62 hours), and provides the necessary skills in NLP as a coaching methodology to work at a transformational level with clients. On completion Graduates of this Program will receive 3 Certificates, one of which will allow you to join the ICF. Graduates can use the training and mentoring combined to progress to ACC level recognition with the ICF.

What does this program include?

  • 14 Workshop Days of Coaching with NLP with practice and feedback throughout
  • 10 hours of Coach Mentoring
  •  5 hours of Observation and Feedback (in pairs)
  • Written and Practical assessments of coaching and NLP competencies
  • Audio recordings on NLP, and readings about coaching on our online portal
  • 2 comprehensive course manuals
  • A combination of self-paced e-learning and live contact with the iWAM Trainer
  • Optional E-learning in the Business of Coaching (including an individual consultation) to kickstart your business and marketing plan. You are also welcome to take the Mindset Map to Success E-learning to discover your Entrepreneur Profile.
  • Support after you graduate with a quarterly online practice group, mentoring to apply for your certification with the ICF and a FaceBook Group of all graduates

What do we cover?

  • Definitions of Coaching, including differences between Coaching and Consulting, Mentoring and Therapy.
  • The ICF Coach Competencies, with written feedback on Coaching sessions captured against these competencies
  • Ethics, contracting and boundaries, including complex contracting within organisations
  • Powerful Questioning, Listening and Challenging skills 
  • The core concept of accountability
  • Coaching models and structure, including and going beyond the GROW model. 
  • Presence and the non-verbal elements of establishing trust and rapport with your clients
  • Masterful use of language, including the Clean Language Model
  • Creative Coaching Techniques, sandplay, story-cubes, use of photos and drawing - techniques for creative problem solving that also develop presence and intuition in Coaches
  • Designing and delivering Group Coaching, including an experience of Group Coaching
  • 48 motivational and thinking patterns based in cognitive science.  You will be able to recognise these in the language patterns of your clients, their descriptions of the challenges they face and changes they want to create and measure them precisely using the iWAM Profile.

A FULL 10 Days of NLP Practitioner Workshops, providing the ultimate toolkit for transformational coaching:

  • The Meta-Model in Language- for surfacing how your clients are making meaning in their unique ‘map’ and to challenge meanings that are keeping them ‘stuck’, or ‘unresourceful’
  • The Milton-Model in Language - for guiding your client to focus inwardly in guided visualisations and for use in conversational hypnosis (creating change in relaxed states)
  • State Management Tools - to support people to have greater choice in feelings, in a moment (e.g. to feel more confident before public speaking)
  • Mapping the mental ‘strategies’ that are fundamental to every behaviour/feeling that we have, as a way to design change, e.g. creating more effective behaviours based on new internal processes
  • The Mind-Set of an NLP Coach - the presuppositions of NLP
  • How to create Rapport (trust and connection) both verbally and non-verbally
  • Creating a Goal that incorporates everything we know about how our unconscious mind works
  • Learning the ‘first language’ of our mind - the Representational Systems
  • Learning to observe the non-verbal communication in your Client so as to cut through ‘story’ to deeper levels of meaning
  • A tool for helping your client discover an internal source of information and wisdom to support improved communication and empathy with others
  • A tool to enable people to end a bad habit
  • Using the ‘internal coding of our minds’ to create change at an unconscious level. With this skill, we are able to work to replace a limiting belief, with a generative belief
  • Using the Timeline to resolve feelings from the past that make no sense in the present, without ever having to relive the memory
  • Using the Timeline to create a compelling goal for the future.
  • A Tool for facilitating your Client to access their creative thinking, planning thinking, and critical thinking, so they rapidly design a pathway to their own dreams coming true.
  • Integral Eye Movement Therapy for working with unresourceful emotions.
  • The NLP Phobia Cure, together with the latest neuroscience understanding of how this process supports people to overcome heavy fears.

iWAM Consultant Accreditation

In addition to all of this, you will receive the full iWAM Consultant Accreditation

 This provides an education in the NLP Meta-programs, providing a basis for helping identify what motivates and energises people differently, and common differences in core thinking patterns.   The motivation and attitude patterns can be measured via the iWAM profiling instrument AND recognised in language patterns.  Understanding these patterns will prove invaluable to you as a Coach.

About the iWAM

The iWAM training is included in this qualification as an online training. You are able to start this online learning as soon as you register.  You will still benefit from live, interactive sessions with your class group.

An accreditation in this profiling instrument normally retails at $1,995 and is included in this package to support Coaches to have a profiling tool in their toolkit. 

  • Learn the 48 patterns that make your unique  motivational fingerprint
  • Understand what will create passion and energy in your work
  • Gain insight into how you are creating your current results
  • Understand what key development areas will bring breakthroughs in your results
  • Practical exercises to help recognise and validate the meta-programs in language patterns
  • iWAM Test Design: Statistics, Standard Groups, and Culture
  • Introduction and experience in using the iWAM Reports: Individual, Paired and Team Reports
  • Skill building exercises in interpreting and delivering individual debriefs using the iWAM instrument.

The iWAM measures 48 thinking styles or meta programs in the context of work. It is an online, easy to use and administer questionnaire that provides an objective way to measure an Individual’s or team’s motivational patterns, evidenced in specific attitudes and behaviours in the workplace. The iWAM does not ‘box’ or categorise people, and as a result is incredibly accurate. Based in Cognitive Science, rather than Personality Theory, the iWAM offers a framework that is ‘coachable’ - that is, clients are able to create change if their current Attitudes and Motivational Patterns are not working for them.

This instrument is used internationally in coaching, team building, talent management, recruitment, outplacement, or leadership development. The Inventory for Work Attitude & Motivation (iWAM) is a groundbreaking instrument, rigorously tested through academic research and corporate settings and found to offer a high level of reliability and validity (r= 0.89).

What have Past Students had to Say?

My reason for attending the NLP Practitioner was to to further develop my coaching areas & tool kit.
I learnt so much from the group and from Grace. I developed belief in my abilities, conviction in my decisions & direction. As an outcome of the program I have busted limiting beliefs that were stopping me from fully
engaging in life’s opportunities. Grace, it’s been a privilege to be in your class. Loved it!!

Maria Bernhagen

I attended this program to develop and learn skills to realise my dream of being a coach! I now know what
I didn’t know! I’ve learnt so many valuable tools and techniques that will allow me to create transformational
experiences for others. And as a result I am ready to step up to my coaching practice! The coach training offered by The Neuro Coaching Academy was so much more than I ever expected. Grace has been an incredible trainer and facilitator – so calm and gentle with us all as we earn. I find it so valuable being able to practice each technique as we go.”

Jo Lucarelli

The word I have used most to explain this training to people is that it has ‘expanded me’ – in my knowledge, in my skills and also my understanding of myself, my abilities and my confidence to work as a coach. I now work with 18
paying client.

Fleur Greive

I attended this program to gather some coaching skills to assist me with developing and running a
sustainability leaders course. During the program I learned a lot about transformation and skills and tools that I can begin to learn to use with leaders. I learned a lot more than I thought I would. It was excellent. As a result I feel more confident that I can design a great leaders program and even begin coaching people one one one immediately to further strengthen my abilities. I especially loved the tools that worked at a deeper level, such as metaphor. I also enjoyed learning about what is happening in the psychology of people to bring about transformation.”

Julian Ilich

My reasons for attending the program were - To continue my learning journey in the realm of coaching and people development. I was challenged, stretched and enlightened. Have had my eyes opened to the amazing ability
to help people by accessing their unconscious directly. Great course delivery method. Thanks for

Bobby Aitken

“During this NLP Program I learnt more than I could anticipate or wish for. More opportunities are now available for my business. As a result I have started on a new journey as both a business and personal coach. The structure and content of the course was outstanding. Grace deserves her name – what a powerful, respectful and amazing facilitator. I cannot thank you enough for bringing this training to Perth and Bali. By sharing your experience and knowledge with others you are transforming the local coaching community who, together, will transform hundreds/thousands of lives. I am honoured to now be on this journey with you.”

Ness Bradshaw

We guarantee no more than 12 people per class group to ensure professional quality supervision of practical exercises.  Leave your contact details if you would like to speak to the program Trainer

What is Our Approach?

  • We ensure that you will learn about yourself, as well as the skills, knowledge and understanding you need to be the best coach you can be.
  • We are highly interactive, with multiple demonstrations each day, and experiential learning in exercises.
  • We create an informal and relaxed, yet challenging environment.
  • We move from knowledge sharing and input, to experiential and interactive sessions.
  • We help you to solicit and generate high quality feedback.
  • We create space for group discussion and sharing interests.
  • We tell real life stories about our own experiences as professional coaches.
  • We develop ‘safe’ coaches who work with NLP with integrity.

There will be coaching practice on each day. You will be provided with a comprehensive manual including resources to kick-start your Coaching Toolkit.

All you need to bring is your curiosity and passion for personal development!

Register Online and Secure Your Place
on this Awesome Program

About the Trainer

My name is Grace Minton, and I am the owner/operator of The Neuro Coaching Academy and an ICF PCC level Coach.  I have worked professionally as  a Coach for 16 years in both the leadership and personal development fields.  I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching that included all the ICF Accredited training in Coaching, and all the NLP training I needed to pursue my dream of working deeply with people to facilitate them in creating real change.

I have an ICF Diploma of Coach and NLP Supervision and have been a lecturer of Coaching at a Post-Graduate level.   I began my own journey in personal development at the the age of 14 when I learnt a peer-based method of 'listening partnerships'.  By the age of 21 I was teaching this method to others.  I have over 24 years experience teaching people to work with others to achieve the results they are seeking.

I have coached professionally in both the leadership development and personal coaching markets and am the owner/operator of a six-figure coaching based company.

I promise you that all Coach Mentoring on this program is either performed by me, or by a qualified ACC Coach, who practices NLP within his/her coaching practice and has been trained by me.

In-Person Workshops in Bali

We are currently scheduling this program. 

If you want to be part of the waitlist and be consulted with the dates,

please show your interest and leave your contact details by

requesting the Information Pack of this course.


In-Person workshops start at 8:30am and finish at 5:30pm.
For live iWAM online meetings are 3 x 2 hours.

Online and Observation

Live online practice with feedback will happen in pairs in 5 x 1 hour sessions exchanging practice with another student.
An experienced Coach will observe you and provide feedback each time. These online sessions are organised flexibly with pairs. Students will have achieved a 62 hour ACSTH qualification based on the above.

Coach Mentoring

An additional 10 hours of mentoring are delivered online. Mentoring commences following completion of workshops and counts towards the 10 hours required by the ICF for you to apply for ACC level recognition following the completion of the course. Students have 3 months to complete the mentoring component and can still graduate the course without it. That is, it is not a requirement, however it is incredibly valuable for your confidence and skill levels.

About the Venue

Enjoy Retreat-Style learning at the beautiful venue, in a village just 10 mins stroll from the Mountain town of Ubud. The Training Room is fully air conditioned, and training includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. If you choose to stay at the venue, you can either stay in for dinner, or walk out to the many restaurants near by to discover Ubud in the evening.

Ubud is in the mountains of Bali, 1 hour drive from the Dempersar airport. It is the Spa capital of Bali, and venues close early here (11pm), so it is a great place to relax in the evening and also on your break days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum number of people in a class group?

How the program is delivered and what is the time commitment required?

How much time is required to complete the Optional Business of Coaching Online Learning?

Is this a Vocational Education Qualification, or part of any larger qualification?

What is the Coaching Model/Approach of this program?

Who is this training intended for and what are the requirements for registration?

Payment of Tuition and Fees

Terms and Conditions of Withdrawal and Refund

Is this program available in any other language or location?

Support after Graduation?


$7,715 ex GST

GST will be added to this for Australians. 

This price includes everything required to receive 3 recognised qualifications: Professional Coaching Certificate, NLP Practitioner Certificate, and iWAM Consultant Certificate (a profiling tool).

Regarding In-Person Training and Isolating

Should you need to isolate, the program will be audio recorded, with demonstrations video recorded. The Trainer and program Assistant will work with you to catch-up on key processes to practice.  All students who miss attending live are always welcome to attend  the same days with the next course group at no cost. 

Register your interest in this program and receive our information pack by email.  Leave your contact details if you would like to speak to the program Trainer 

What More Could You Ask For in a Coaching Course?

Support after you Graduate!

Many people find it hard to ever see a demonstration of coaching again after graduating from their Coaching course. In the first year of professional practice, it is particularly useful to also have practice that reinforces your learnings.

I offer Graduates a Free Quarterly Online Coaching Practice Group, on a weekday evening. Here you can exchange coaching with others and provide and receive feedback from peers and have ongoing contact with your Trainer, or another experienced Coach to ask questions that arise once you are 'out there' using your coaching skills.

Current students and Graduates attend for free.  Many people stay connected to their class mates from the  Course and exchange peer coaching.  We really encourage our Graduates to continue to practice and maintain confidence in their skills and continue to benefit from being able to access Coaching in their life for free.  Graduates also join a closed Facebook Group.  

If you are practicing Professionally, you can also access to pay-as-you-go online Supervision with Grace Minton.  Grace is one of only three people in Australia with a recognised qualification in NLP and Coaching Supervision.  

3 Certificates
Participants will receive an ICF registered Professional Coaching Certificate,
 an NLPAA Registered  NLP Practitioner certificate 
and the iWAM Consultant certificate

Accreditations and Recognition of your Qualification

NLP Practitioner - provides recognition of attendance of an NLP learning program meeting the requirements of the NLP Association of Australia.   All students are issued this certificate on passing their NLP Coaching practical assessment and the written short answer question paper. 

Professional Coaching Skills - This is the title of the qualification that is registered with the ICF by The Performance Solution and delivered in Australia under an alliance.   This certificate will be issued when all the required elements of the ICF element of the  course are completed. This includes 10 hours of mentoring and a 20 minute recording as an assessment.  Students do not need to wait for this to join as a member of the ICF, they can join once the course commences.

iWAM Consultant - this is recognised by JobEQ, the owner of the Inventory of Work Attitudes and Motivations and authorises you to resell the iWAM profile to your own clients, and conduct individual, pair and team debriefs with the instrument.  This is a powerful profiling instrument that is useful for Coaches working in any context (organisational or personal).

How does this relate to the Post Graduate Program?

You can upgrade your qualification to a Post Graduate Certificate Neuro Coaching with a further investment of time and money.  This qualification is issued by a UK University and recognised globally.  This requires that students go through an in-take process with the University. This pathway is available under Open Learning provisions to those who do not already have an undergraduate qualification. It is possible to undertake the course and apply for 'Advanced Standing' after completion of the live training if you wish to stagger your investment. Click through here to learn more.

Grace Minton is an 
NLPAA Registered
Trainer Member

Our Coaching Qualifications are ICF Accredited and issued by The Performance Solution, UK.
This program is delivered under alliance.  
On the ICF Training Register search for The Performance Solution, 'Professional Coaching Skills' Qualification.

Register your interest in this program and receive our information pack by email.  Leave your phone number if you would like to speak to the Trainer.

Are you planning to start your own Coaching Business?

We have packaged our e-learning program The Business of Coaching into this qualification at no extra cost to you. This means you can choose to access:

  • Create clarity around your niche and market
  • Create a business that is an expression of who you are and your passion
  • Think creatively about your Business Model
  • Create offerings to test the market fast before you commit significant time and money
  • Receive your individual 'Entrepreneur Profile' identifying your talents and blindspots for business based on real research with successful entrepreneurs in Australia

You have 12 months to access this online learning:

  • 5 virtual lessons covering the basics of setting-up a coaching business, marketing and sales for Coaches, choosing a Niche and Sales
  • Accompanying Workbook to capture your thinking in response to this learning
  • Templates in Word and Excel to get you started in business planning and financial management of your business
  • Attend a 1 hour Live Implementation Webinar with Grace to consolidate your business model and marketing plan at the end of the e-learning

This program is valued at $708 and included in the Program at no extra cost.

It is possible to join a fortnightly Online Mentoring and Mastermind Group, facilitated by Grace following the Coaching Course. This is a 6 month commitment and an additional cost, at an affordable price, for people seeking structure and support to get started. 

Thanks for reading!