Launching The Entrepreneur Inner Game


Apr 06

The Entrepreneur Inner Game

Last year I discovered that new research in Australia was about to change the ‘map’ about what it means to be an Entrepreneur, and I got excited.  Right now, after many months of development and testing, I am even more excited to be launching The Entrepreneur Inner Game – a pathway to applying this research for your own success.
Let me start by explaining what I mean by ‘Inner Game’…
Some time ago, the world of elite sports underwent a shift. Knowledge of physical fitness and technique created a massive field of awesome athletes in peak condition. In this field, for a single athlete to emerge as a Champion, he or she needed to do something in addition to the technical skills. Timothy Galwey, an Elite Sports Coach at the time, called this new space ‘the Inner Game’ when he wrote:

In every human endeavour, there are two arenas of engagement: the outer and the inner. The outer game is played on an external arena to overcome external obstacles, to reach an external goal.

The inner game takes place within the mind of the player and is played against such obstacles as fear, self-doubt, lapses in focus, and limiting concepts or assumptions.  The inner game is played to overcome the self-imposed obstacles that prevent an individual or team from accessing their full potential.

This is a concept that carries into any field where you are pitting yourself up against a big challenge. And anyone who has been self-employed will know that it is a big challenge, in fact, having your own business is a ‘personal development seminar on steroids’.
Unfortunately, the level of challenge is so high, that the majority of start-up businesses actually fail.
Many people in business seek out support, and there are lots of great programs out there, but there are NONE that are based on real research about the inner game of successful Entrepreneurs. Most of the programs talking about this are based on one person’s opinion, or experience.
Today I am super excited to launch an online learning that allows you to not only find out what the research says, it also allows you to
compare your own internal thinking, attitudes and motivational patterns to the most successful 2% of people in business.
You can compare yourself to people who built a business from scratch and sold it for between $6M - $1.2B in 5 years or less.
Compare yourself to not one successful person, but the largest group of successful Entrepreneurs to ever be properly studied.

About the Author

I am a qualified Coach (ICF PCC level) with over 12 years professional experience as a Coach. I am also a Coach Trainer. I am passionate about supporting others to fulfil their potential and to turn their dreams into a reality.

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