11 Untouchable Truths About Consciousness and Being Human

No matter how divided the world may seem, and no matter how many differences people can put between themselves and others, the untouchable truth of being human is that we have more in common with each other and with the other inhabitants of this planet than we have differences. Bound to a shared fate, we all play a role in making up the collective body of conscious life on this living planet.

The material perspective on consciousness and spirit reduces the most intriguing parts of being human to impossibilities, unexplainable phenomenon, or somehow considers them to be tricks of the self on the self. Materialist reductionism only contributes to a sense of competition and division between man and himself, and between man and nature. Disharmony.

Human consciousness is the mystery that connects us all, the one question that cannot be answered by anyone, no matter what religion, creed, race, color, perspective or code. Every individual arises in conscious spirit from the same unknowable place, and moves on to the same eternal void when the material body no longer supports the spirit.

This we all share, and to this we are all beholden.

“Evolving our consciousness is not something we do only for ourselves – it is something we also do for others…for all others, and for the earth.”

Dr. Ervin László

Jesus and Allah guide the way for some, and we are all free to establish a connection to consciousness and spirit through any philosophy or practice that resonates and helps light our path. Beyond the divisions and misunderstandings we’ve created lies the untouchable truth about being a human being.

Here are 11 Untouchable Truths About Consciousness and Being Human

  1. We are part of the world, inside and out. We are neither in the world or out of the world, for it is us and we are it.
  2. We are part of nature. Nature is both inside and outside of us. We are never in nature or out of nature, as we are nature.
  3. We are part of society and society is part of us. Our communication and communion with fellow humans makes us an inseperable part of the entire community of human beings and contributes to the evolution of the whole mass of humans and life on this earth.
  4. We are more than flesh and bone and more than a material organism. The elements, cells, and organs that make up our bodies are physical manifestations of the true, dynamic, self-evolving, persisting, self-sustaining drive for coherence and self-awareness that is the nature of the universe.
  5. Human beings are one of the most advanced and evolved manifestations of the inherent universal drive towards coherence and self-awareness. Our interaction with all other systems of life is a manifestation of this drive towards coherence.
  6. Boundaries as absolute divisions in this world simply do not exist. They are merely the locations of transition points where a set of relations gives and takes with a different set of relations.
  7. The sense of separateness and identity that we attach to other people and things is merely a convenient device that helps to facilitate interaction with them. The body, family, community and totality of humanity is all one complex organism continually seeking greater coherence and self-awareness.
  8. We are all living systems that are all part of each other as is displayed by our inter-dependence. The perceived differences that distinguish us from one another are only gradients of the same thing.
  9. Competition between the perceived ‘I’ and the perceived ‘You’ runs counter to the drive for coherence and destabilizes and damages the integrity of the whole. It is impossible to damage the whole, for whatever perceived short-term advantage, without also damaging the self.
  10. Collaboration instead of competition is the hallmark of healthy living systems in this world.
  11. As human beings we’ve been tasked with tending to our personal evolution, and thereby the evolution of the whole, so that we may fully participate in the universal drive for coherence and self-awareness in the whole.

The atoms in our bodies cooperate to make elements. The elements work together to make cells. The cells pitch in to form organs, and the organs provide a vehicle for the mind. The concentrated efforts of the physical body and the mind activate and bring form to the human spirit. The individual human spirit works together with other humans. As above, so below.

The elements in this list were condensed and compiled from the works of Hungarian philosopher Dr. Ervin László, author The Immortal Mind: Science and the Continuity of Consciousness beyond the Brain and many other books on spirituality and consciousness.

Source: Global Woman

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