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Sofia Adamson is a writer with a keen appreciation for matters of science and the spirit.

11 Untouchable Truths About Consciousness and Being Human

No matter how divided the world may seem, and no matter how many differences people can put between themselves and others, the untouchable truth of being human is that we have more in common with each other and with the other inhabitants of this planet than we have differences. Bound to a shared fate, we all play […]


5 Strategies to Help You Get Out of a Rut

For many of us, there comes a point in life when things feel flat, boring, negative, or even painful; simply put, you find yourself in a rut. Day-to-day life seems to be harder than it should be, and you start to feel stuck… even if it seems like you have everything going for you in […]


3 Empowering Facts About Depression For Those Who Have It

Mental health is an exceptionally big issue in today’s world. Not only are rates of depression higher than ever and rising, but there are more people than ever taking psychotropic medications. At the same time, the craziness in the world seems to be accelerating, adding evermore stress and feelings of disempowerment. In this environment it […]