The Latest Neuroscience of the Gut and Heart Brains meets Coaching and NLP

A conversation with one of the co-founders of Multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) and the Director of mBIT International, Grant Soosalu.   If you don’t know who Grant is, then read on. Why? Because you have a complex neural network in your gut and another in and around your heart that neuroscientists are defining as seperate brains.  Right now, mBIT is the only field that is talking about how they relate to our everyday thinking, feeling and behaviours together.

Grant goes by many titles. Leadership Consultant. Behavioural Modeller. Trainer. Author. Director at mBIT International.

At his core, Grant’s passion is to develop techniques that create powerful transformation in people lives. What a remarkable field to dedicate your life to. Over the past two and a half years, Grant, along with his colleague Marvin Oka, has undertaken behavioural modeling research, informed by the latest Neuroscience findings, to create the new field of mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques).

As someone studying Coaching and NLP, I had many burning questions.

I wanted to know more about mBIT and why I would study this new field. So, that’s exactly what I asked Grant. This is what he shared with me.

“There are many reasons you might like to study mBIT. Recent Neuroscience findings have confirmed that we have complex, adaptive and functional neural networks – or ‘brains’ – in our heart and gut, which exhibit high levels of intelligence.

As humans, we are more than just a mind. If you want to bring the human spirit alive, you need to author a new way of being. mBIT looks at how we can communicate with and align the three intelligences of the head, heart and gut, so we are able to operate from our highest expression. When these intelligences are aligned and integrated, you will find it easy to motivate yourself, to take action and to bring greater wisdom to decision making, relationships and life. You will no longer experience internal conflict between your thoughts, feelings and actions.

mBIT provides techniques and tools to bring the two intuitive intelligences of the heart and gut back into alignment with the head, which allows a person to operate from their highest expression. When a person is operating from their highest expression, their world transforms. Their problems simply dissolve, they become less stressed and worried, and their spirit comes alive.”

So my next question to Grant was this: “Grant, this sounds incredible, but I’m already studying NLP. Why would I do mBIT too?”

“NLP and mBIT are complimentary. mBIT will expand your toolkit, giving you new tools and techniques that incorporate the latest neuroscience findings. Essentially it picks up where NLP left off and builds on techniques you already know. However, you don’t need to have studied NLP to learn mBIT, everything you need to know is taught within the course.”

Grant shared with me that he has had many NLP master trainers attend the course and experience profound shifts in their own lives during the training. I only had to take one look at what people were saying to see this for my own eyes. Click here to learn more.

After this 30-minute conversation with Grant, there was no way I could turn my back on learning these simple, yet profound tools and techniques taught in this new field of mBIT.

So, I’ve enrolled and I'm ready to go. Did I expect this at the beginning of the call with Grant? No way. But now I’m counting down the sleeps until 12 March. I’m excited to see what unfolds. I’m ready to evolve and learn techniques that will facilitate evolution in others. There is not a shadow of doubt in my mind that the skills I will learn on this course will not only deepen my connection to myself, but also strengthen my ability to facilitate powerful, transformational experiences in the lives of others.

If you would like to learn more about NLP, join me online in the free elearning, ‘Introduction to Coaching’. Lesson 2 is all about NLP and includes a live call with a qualified mBIT and NLP Trainer. 

If you'd like to read more about Grant and Marvin's work, or watch a short video, click here to visit

Article written by Jo Lucarelli

About the Author

I am a qualified Coach (ICF PCC level) with over 12 years professional experience as a Coach. I am also a Coach Trainer. I am passionate about supporting others to fulfil their potential and to turn their dreams into a reality.