NLP Practitioner – What do we actually DO?

 We will be starting the journey of discovering the magic of understanding and managing our own 'internal structure' or 'programming', and with this the secret to being in charge of our thinking, feeling and behaviours.  In NLP we know that when we take charge of these things, everything else changes.

We will be learning language models for having different outcomes: discovering the beauty of the milton-model for creating change in a relaxed state,  and the power of meta-model to surface, how someone is making meaning at a deep level so that they can choose to change that.

We will be learning over 14 different change patterns, for creating outcomes such as:

  •     Building a compelling goal for our future
  •     Changing a response (such as a taste we like too much), to one that works better for the outcomes we want.
  •     Breaking automatic habits
  •     Discovering how to manage our state (move from one feeling to another by choice, and not just an act of willpower)
  •     Ending phobic responses
  •     Accessing our best capacity for creative thinking/inspiration, planning and critical thinking to move powerfully forward on an idea
  •     Resolving an internal conflict that has kept us stuck
  •     Changing a belief that drives limiting thinking, self-talk, and behaviours
  •     Removing an emotion that you know is not based in the present time reality of our adult life, and only gets in our way
  •     Changing a response that you have to someone else!
  •     Create alignment at a deep level with your motivations to support you to achieve an outcome you are seeking

With NLP, we will explore the power of stories to create change in others, learn the power of 'reframing' for creating new meanings from the same facts, and learn how to read non-verbal communication.

Every single change program we learn you will experience yourself and facilitate with someone else.  At the end of this NLP program you will be competent in working deeply with others to support them to create personal development changes that they want.

Click through here to discover our NLP Practitioner qualification program, or to learn more about NLP, join me online in the free elearning, ‘Introduction to Coaching’. Lesson 2 is all about NLP and includes a live call with an NLP Trainer.

About the Author

I am a qualified Coach (ICF PCC level) with over 12 years of professional experience as a Coach. I am also a Coach Trainer. I am passionate about supporting others to fulfil their potential and to turn their dreams into a reality.