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I am a qualified Coach (ICF PCC level) with over 16 years of professional experience as a Coach working in both organisational and personal development. I am also a Coach Trainer, the only person able to deliver the practical units of the Master of Arts Neuro Coaching in Australia.

What is Performance Coaching?

What is Performance Coaching? Fundamental to coaching is the idea that it is a process of supporting someone to move from a normal level of performance to ‘high performance’.  This is the case for all kinds of Coaching:  the client is assumed to be fundamentally ‘OK’ and resourceful and to aspire to being ‘top of […]


What Is and Is Not Coaching?

What Is and Is Not Coaching? On social media in recent years there has been an explosion of people promoting Coaching Services. This could be a reflection of the fact that Coaching is one of the fastest growing professions in the world, and it could also be a reflection of it being completely unregulated, meaning […]


Free and More Effective than an Anti-Depressant

exercise your mind body

Would you like to know something that is free and more effective than an anti-depressant for your head? In fact, it is so effective that you could think about it as ‘a happy pill’… Exercise. Yep. Getting out of your head and moving your body. It could be as simple as a walk every day. […]


What do Psychologists Say Builds Resilience?

The American Psychological Association says research suggests “10 Ways to Build Resilience”, which are: (1) maintain good relationships with close family members, friends and others (2) avoid seeing crises or stressful events as unbearable problems (3) accept circumstances that cannot be changed (4) develop realistic goals and move towards them (5) take decisive actions in […]


NLP’s Most Powerful Tools applied to Resilience

I am excited to be delivering a training event that is used to support people in disaster zones recover from some of life’s hardest experiences.  The training delivers the latest neuroscience and research on Resilience together with tools that help people to process an experience in their brains in the same way that we naturally […]